2 thoughts on “Southern Cross”

  1. I ran for 16 years of my life, started 14 Comrades Marathons, finished 13, and thoroughly enjoyed all my running years. I have been a retired long distance runner now for 14 years. Reading extracts of your book has given me inspiration to pull on my running shoes again to “feel” the pleasure that I derived from my running years but that I did not fully appreciate at the time – I wasn’t aware of the 2nd dimension. I am now a walker and already I have a new insight into the pleasurable feelings and thoughts I get from the slowed-down version of running. Can’t wait to read the book.

    1. Hello Robin.
      All that running for and of the Comrades Marathon, the many training days and long runs, the excitement, struggles and triumphs of the day on the road, understanding when enough is enough, has, I’m sure, left an indelible and rich residue in you. I’m sure you feel its glow in your life and that your walking still adds to it. That residue, those “pleasurable feelings” you get now when you are out, are what I call the 2nd dimension of running and what the book is about.
      Thank you for your supportive comment all the way from Malta!

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