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Recovery running

I’m glad I don’t have to stop running when recovering from a few harder weeks. I like running and getting out there into the world too much to stop now. Running is the base of much of my life.

You learn the ru1-DSCN1589nning lessons over the years.  Recovery running doesn’t mean stopping. It just means not pushing time, hills or distance. It means running lightly, hardly panting, hardly sweating.  Running the bounce back into my legs. Running until I want to run more, harder, faster … but don’t. Because that’s when  the adaptation to the previous weeks harder running takes place.

This morning: The second day of recovery running: all ready the well-used, stiff feeling in my legs is going. Already the bounce is there.  My legs don’t want to run fast or harder yet – soon they will.

Setting an ultra-base

1-Castles ultraWith an 80 km ultra trail run in the mountains of Cyprus in mind  I set myself a target of ~50 km a week for four weeks –  to see how I coped and to set a base for increasing mileage, if I coped well enough.

I coped well. More than coped. Not that it’s a surprise.  I more or less know what I can do – but knowing is the mind is one thing; knowing in the legs, doing the miles out there is another.

The thing is I run every day which is always a good start. Also I’ve been getting a spring, literally, in my step from not really pushing hard.  My legs surge nicely, want to run faster, even on longer runs. I reckon the the last 80+ km ultra in June, my favourite Comrades Marathon, is out of my legs by now.

I am a runner. I run every day, mostly. I run marathons to prepare for ultra’s and run two or so ultra’s a year, if I can. Ultras keep my running honest.

Four weeks base running

I figured out over the years that for me  pushing my running in four weeks batches with a rest or easy week after, then pushing more miles and effort, is the best way of keeping run-robust and enjoying  running year in year out.

Sometimes it’s five weeks, never more than six – the longer batches are if there is a race to do, an extra long run a taper or so,  in sight.  I keep going, do the race then do the easier weeks.

So this week I started off with stiff legs from letting go, knowing a rest week is around the corner and ran the long run faster. Once they warmed up I got nicely bounding steps, gentle light, held back from surging on the hills, as I have been lately.

Got back home chirpy, ready for more, but not doing more. Just getting the best buzz from running;  the best from my legs.


Running Log 2014-11-20

Another morning body tired; not really feeling like running.

So it’s just1-1-DSCN2376  getting out, easing into the run, lots of water, get my systems flowing, run a few easy kilometres, eyes and mind wide for the sparkles in the dawn,  then easing the last couple back home to coffee and pineapple

It’s not a crisis. I know.  I’ve been here before. My body works harder, is keen to work more, because its getting stronger. It’s hard to hold back as my legs want to bolt faster than they have been.

Which is great except the extra effort accumulates then tires, so I need a rest week to consolidate.

One more longer runover the weekend, maybe even tomorrow, a couple or three hours to get through the planned four weeks of increased effort – then the easy week.

I am looking forward to the easier running, and looking forward after it to upping the effort a little more.

I’m sure  my body will recover, get eager again, like the insides of me are eager for the ultra I have set my sights on, and the longer one maybe after that.


Running log 2014-11-18

“How was your run?”


In that ‘fine’ is coffee and a grin; is a body that started tired because it runs faster now, and I have upped the weekly mileage a bit …

and a thumbs up1-DSCN2218 because all of me responded nicely further in which makes me happy because I have to up my running for the Crusader Castles Trail Ultra in  Cyprus next year …

and this is the 4th week of more running, so next week can be easier before pushing further still – not too much because I still want to enjoy the fruit smoothie I’m about to make, and the school lunches, and the breakfasts …

and I smile when I think of how much of this run-engorgeousness I can fit in because I know whatever it fits in will just expand to accommodate more …


Running log 2014-11-16

A quick easy run to ease out the longer run from Saturday. My body needs sleep but early rising routine is so well-entrenched that I wake at the right time and am more-or-less ready to go.

I did linger over coffee and a biscuit before I went out. Once my legs got going, happily charged along so I had to restrain them a little, the run-grin rose.

The cool clouded morning freshness after ran felt just right. I let my hands trail in the grass that lines the running track.  I checked for those little pepper ticks when I got back home to an orange and more coffee.

Running log: 2014-11-15

Saturday morning, out early, as it has been for so many Saturday – yet still exciting, still enriching, still running for more than just running.

1-DSCN2389Friends were running a marathon road race in the Winelands of Stellenbosch. I thought about the doing it. Finishing a formal marathon, chatting after, is always good.

But I stuck with my part-road, part-trail 3 hour run. Often enough I run for just being out there, in the views, but my running has an edge now

This is the third of a four week base-laying program, to check how I cope with around 50 km a week. I get an easy week after the 4th week before upping the weekly distance to around 60 km. As it stands  foresee no problems in getting through next week  – in fact am looking forward to it.

It’s all preparation building towards the 80 km  Crusader Castles Ultra in the mountains of Cyprus in May 2015. It has a 3000 m altitude gain so I know I will be heading up and down our mountain soon.