More about the Mystical Miles book

The book Mystical Miles is for those among us

  • who want to understand, maybe explore all of what running can be.  They might have friends, family, colleagues  as runners. They might see runners out on streets, tracks,  maybe be held up at an intersection as runners of all sizes and shapes,  ages, us humans just as we are, streaming past, chatting, waving, smiling – depending where in the run .  Near the end of runs, they might see struggling, walking, limping, grimacing, focused runners staggering towards the end
  • who as r1-M35unners enjoy talking about running experiences, lessons, learnings,  and how it shapes and fits into their lives.
  • who sense there is more to running than what they first encounter, more to running the cover headlines about improving your 5 km personal best, how to training for a marathon, the latest shoes, gear, sunblock.
  • People who like to explore the deeper, richer realms of life and being; of deepening minds, of deepening understanding.

Mystical Miles is a book about running and about life. It is the running of life and the life of running.

The power and richness of running is that it comes from engaging fully – body, mind, soul, more – with life, nature, the greater forces which affect our lives; and then when those greater forces and playground engage with us and draw out the best we have inside us and through that, form and reform us. Mystical Miles explores this power and richness.


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