Running Log 2014-11-20

Another morning body tired; not really feeling like running.

So it’s just1-1-DSCN2376  getting out, easing into the run, lots of water, get my systems flowing, run a few easy kilometres, eyes and mind wide for the sparkles in the dawn,  then easing the last couple back home to coffee and pineapple

It’s not a crisis. I know.  I’ve been here before. My body works harder, is keen to work more, because its getting stronger. It’s hard to hold back as my legs want to bolt faster than they have been.

Which is great except the extra effort accumulates then tires, so I need a rest week to consolidate.

One more longer runover the weekend, maybe even tomorrow, a couple or three hours to get through the planned four weeks of increased effort – then the easy week.

I am looking forward to the easier running, and looking forward after it to upping the effort a little more.

I’m sure  my body will recover, get eager again, like the insides of me are eager for the ultra I have set my sights on, and the longer one maybe after that.


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